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The Ultamite Laura Innes Fan Site
Laura Innes/Kerry Weaver Quotes and Trivia


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This Page has cool Kerry Weaver Quotes and Trivia so come test your skills. You can send your answers to me at

Kerry Weaver Trivia Questions

1. In what country did Kerry once own a farm?

2. Which ER doc was Kerry's roomate?

3. In what episode did we first meet Dr. Kerry Weaver?

4. Who's baby did Kerry deliver?

5. Which two ER docs did Kerry say she knew before working at County?

6. Who was Kerry's teacher and mentor?

7. What was the name of the little boy Kerry found wandering the streets?

8. What is Kerry's postion in the ER?

9. Which two ER staff members did Kerry find stabbed and bleeding?

10. What was the name of Kerry's surprise Christmas visiter?

Kerry Weaver Quotes

1. "Don't quit your day job" (to Carter when he tried to cook)

2. "I'll come and see you" (to Dr. Lawrnece when he said no one would come visit him)

3. "Hey, you're in a nasty car accident, I hope you end up down here so that I can personally be of absolutely no damn help to you whatsoever!"

4. "Grow up Malucci" (she thought he hit her with a paper airplane)

5. "People live in pain.They suck it up and get past it"

6. "Dr. Malucci, if I don't see you standing over a sick patient in the next 30 seconds looking compassionate and engaged, you'll spend the next week doing nothing but disempactions and yeast infections."

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