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My ER World
Cast Biographies

Here you will find biographies of all the major ER cast members of the past and present.


Laura Innes "Dr.Kerry Weaver"

Laura Innes was born on August 16,1959 in Brimingham, Mich to Laurette and Robert Innes. She is the youngest of 6 children.
When Laura was just a year old she underwent three trachemotomies to remove a fragment of acorn lodged in her throat.
Laura attended Seaholm highschool from wich she graduated in 1977. She went on to Northwestren Universiy where she studied acting. She has done stage work in both Chicago and New York.
Laura met David Brisbin in 1987. A week after they met she ended up in the hospital with a ruptured appendix. David and Laura married in 1988. In 1990 Laura gave birth to a son named Cal. She had a difficult pregnancy requring her to spend three months in the hospital. Cal was born eight weeks premature weighing only 3 lbs 2 ozs. Despite his small size Cal was a healthy baby.Laura is a very devoted mother. When she can't be with Cal she call's him to say I love you and leaves him little notes to say I love you before for she leaves for work each morning.

Laura has had roles in such tv shows as Another World and Wings and roles in the movies Deep Impact and Price of a Broken heart but she is best known for her role as Dr.Kerry Weaver on NBc's hit drama ER. She stated out doing several geust appearnces on ER but in the show's third season Laura became a regular cast member and she is still playing Dr. Weaver as the show goes into its 9th season. Laura's husband David also has a role on ER as Dr. Alex Babcock.
Laura, David and their son Cal and daughter Mia reside in a quaint 2 bedroom bundglow in Venice, CA.


Noah Wyle "Dr.John Carter"

Noah Wyle was born on June 4, 1971 to Marty and Stephen Wyle he is one of 6 siblings. He grew up in Hollywood CA where he attended Thatcher highschool. Upon graduating he skipped College and went straight into acting starting out with bit roles in small movie. He is best known for his role on ER as Dr. John Carter. Noah has been a member of the ER cast since it's premire in 1994.

Noah lives on a Ranch in LA with his wife Tracey and their many dogs, cats, chickens, horses, roosters, goats, and emus. Noah andhis wife Tracey are expecting their first child in November.


George Clooney "Dr.Doug Ross"

George Clooney was born on May 6,1961in Lexington KY to Nick and Nina Ross. He is the youngest of 2 children.

George attended Augusta highscool frow which he graduated in 1979. He went on to attend Northren Kentucky University for 3 years. Before becoming an actor George was a Tabacco picker and he tried out for the The Cincinnati Reds.
George has had numorous tv and movie roles but he is best known for his role on ER as Dr. Doug Ross. Georgeleft the hit show in 1998 he then made a guest appearance in the ER eppy "Such Sweet Sorrow"

George lives in Los Angeles CA with his pet pot belly pig Max.


Michael Michele "Dr. Cleo Finch"

Michael Michele was born on August 30, 1966 in Evansville, Indiana to Jerry and Thresea Williams. She has one younger sister.

As a teenager Michael loved basket ball and she became a star player on her highschool team.

Michael had roles on Homicide Life on the Street, New Jack City and most recently Will Smith's "Ali"

Michael joined the cast of ER in the begining of the 6th season as Dr. Cleo Finch. She stayed with the show for 2 and half years. Her final episode was I'll Be Home For Christmas but she madeabrief appearance in the episode On The Beach.
Michael lives in New York.


Maura Tierney "Abby Lockhart RN"

Maura Tierney was born on February 3,1965 in Boston Mass. To Joe and Pat Tierney. She is the oldest of 3 children. She grew up in Hyde Park Mass.

Maura has appeared in the sitcom Newsradio as well as the moivies Liar Liar and Instinct. She joined ER in the 6th season as Abby Lockhart. Her first appearance was as Carol's OB nurse. She is still currently with the show.

Maura lives in Los Angeles with her husband of 3 years Billy Morrissette and their pug Rose.


Kellie Martin "Lucy Knight"

Kellie Martin was born on October 16, 1975 in Riverside, CA to Debbie and Doug Martin. She had one sister but sadly she passed away from Lupus.

Kellie started acting at an early agae in such films as Troop Beverly Hills and Jumpin Jack Flash. Kellie also had staring roles in the dramas Life Goes On and Christy. She join ER as med student Lucy Knight in the first eppy of season 5 but her Lucy was stabbed and killed durning the 6th season.

Kellie has been married to Keith Christian for 3 years.


Paul McCrane "Dr.Robert "Rocket" Ramono"

Paul McCrane was bornon January 19,1961 in Philadelphia, PA.

Paul starred in the 1980 hit Fame. He wrote one of the songs in the movie.He has also had small roles on X Files and Touched By An Angel.

Paul plays the surgeon everyone loves to hate Dr. Robert Ramono. He has been part of the ER cast since the 4th season.

Paul lives in Los Angeles with his wife Dana and their baby.


Maria Bello "Dr.Anna Del Amieco"

Maria Bello was born on April 18, 1967 in Norristown,PA she has two brothers.

Maria attended Villanova University where she majored in Political Science.

Maria had roles in the movies Coyote Ugly and Duets. She joined ER in the season finale of season 3 as Dr. Anna Del Amieco. She stayed with the show for only one season.

Maria lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend Dan and their 9 month old son Jackson.


Sharif Atkins "Michael Gallant"

Sharif Atkins was born in Pittsburg PA on January 29th.He has one sister. When he was 6 years old his family moved to Chicago.

He has had roles on such tv shows as Early Edition, The District and That's Life. He also had a role in the movie Light It Up with R&B star Usher.

Sharif made his first apperance on ER as Michael Gallant on the episode If I should Fall From Grace. Gallant as already been through quite a bit. His best moments so far...Helping Dr. Weaver deliver a baby via a c-section and Sharing personal and family secrets with fellow co workers Susan, Carter, Abby, and Luka.


Sherry Stringfield "Dr.Susan Lewis"

Sherry Stringfiled was born on June 24,1967 in Colorado Springs. She is the oldest of 3 children. She grew up in Texas.

Sherry has had many tv and movie roles including NYPD Blue and Guiding Light but she is best know fore her role on ER as Dr. Susan Lewis. Sherry was one of the orginal cast members of ER. She left the show in 1997 but she resently returned to her role as Dr. Susan Lewis in 2001.

Sherry is married to Larry Joseph and they have a 9 month old daughter named Phoebe.


Eriq LaSalle "Dr.Peter Benton"

Eriq LaSalle was born on July 23, 1963 in Hartford, Conn. He is one of four children.

Eriq had roles in the movie Coming To America and the tv shows One Life To Live, Quantom Leap, LA Law, and A Different World but he is famous for his role as Dr. Peter Benton on ER. He has been a part of the cast since the series premire. Eriq final episode was I'll BeHome For Christmas but he did make brief appearances in the eppys It's All In Your Head and On The Beach.

Eriq lives in Los Angeles with his two dogs Boodha and Cleopatra Blue.


Alex Kingston "Dr.Elizabeth Corday"

Alex Kingston was born om March 11, 1963 in Surrey England. She is the oldest of three children.

Alex had a role in the british film Moll Flanders. She joined the cast of ER as british surgeon Elizabeth Corday during the show's live eppy "Ambush" she remains with the show in its 9th season.

Alex lives in Los Angeles with her husband Florian and 18 month old daughter Salome.


Julianna Margulies "Carol Hathaway RN"

Juilanna Margulies was born on June 8, 1965 in Spring Valley, New York. She is the youngest of 3 childern. She grew up in London and New York.

Juilanna has had a role on Homicide Life on the Street. He claim to fame came with the role of Carol Hathaway on NBC's ER. She was one of the orgnianl cast members. Her character was suppose to did in the series premire. Juilanna left the show in 2000 when Carol left for Seattle to be wirh Doug Ross.

Juilanna lives in Manhatten NY with her long time boyfriend Ron Elard who once played emt Shep on ER.


Anthony Edwards "Dr.Mark Greene"

Anthony Edwards was born on July 19,1962 to Peter and Erkia Edwards in Santa Barbra, CA. He is the youngest of 5 children.

Anthony has had roles in Top Gun, Revenge of the Nerds, and Northren Exposure. He's most popular for his role on ER as Dr. Mark Greene. Anthony has been with the show since its premire. Sadly Anthony left his s role on ER as Dr. Greene when Mark died of a brain tumor on the eppy On The Beach.
Anthony has been married to wife Jeanine since 1995. The couple has 3 childern 4 year old Bailey and 1 year old Esme and 4 month old Poppy.


Erik Palladino "Dr.Dave Malucci"

Erik Palladino was born on May 10, 1968 in Yonkers, NY to Peter and Queenie Palladino. He is the youngest of three children.

Erik attended and all boys private school Archbishop Stepinac Highschool from which he graduated in 1986. He went on to attend Marymount Manhatten College from which he graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Erik joined the cast of ER durning the the 6th season. He recently left theshow in the 8th season after Dr. Malucci was fired by Dr. Weaver.

Erik lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Sarah Jane and their dog Daisy.


Goran Visnjic "Dr.Luka Kovac"

Goran Visnjic was born on September 9, 1972 in Croatia to Zeljko and Maika Visnjic. He has one older brother.

Goran appeared in the films Peacemaker with George Clooney and Practical Magic. He joined ER as Dr. Luka Kovac in the first episode of the 6th season and he remains on the show going into its 9th season

Goran lives in Los Angeles with his wife Ivana and their pug Bugsly.


Ming Na "Dr.Jing Mei "Deb" Chen"

Ming Na was born on November 20, 1968 in China to Linchan and Soo Lim Yee. She moved to America when she was just 5 years old. She moved to Pittsburg when Ming Na was 9 years old. He family currently owns a restursnt in Pittsburg.

Ming Na was the first Asian actress to appear on a soap opera which was As The World Turns. She also had a role i nthe movie The Joy Luck Club. She was briefly on ER during its first season as Deb Chen the med student. She left and returned to ER during the 6th season her chacater's name is now Jing Mei Chen but Carter still insists on calling her Deb.

Ming Na lives in Los Angeles with her husband Eric and their 1 year old daughter.


Gloria Rueben "Jeanie Boulet PA"

Gloria Rueben was born on June 9,1964 in Toronto Canada. She is a one of 6 children.

Gloria is an accoplished singer. She has sang back up for Tina Turner.

She has had roles on Homicide Life on the Street, The Agnecy and the movies Timecop and Nick Of Time.She landed the role of Jeanie Boulet in the first season. Gloria left the roledurning the 6th season when Jeanie left to be with husband Reggie and son Carlos.

Gloria recently wed her long time boyfriend.


Mekhi Phifer "Dr. Greg Pratt"

Mekhi Phifer was born on December 29, 1974 in Harlem, New York.

Mekhi has had many movie roles. I still Know What You Did Last Summer, "O", High School High, Shaft(2000)  are just a few of them. He has had geust roles on tv shows Homicide Life On The Street and New York Undercover.

He joined the cast of ER as Dr. Greg Pratt on the episode Origon Of The Sky.

He lives in Los Angeles ,Ca.