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ER Trivia and Quotes

Here you will find ER Trivia there will be new questions each month regaurding all 8 seasons so come test your ER knowledge!!


           ER Trivia for the month of September

1.What was Carter's nickname as a child?

2. In what tropical place did Mark spend his final days?

3. What diease may have caused the ER's lockdown?

4.What is the name of the fire fighter whom Kerry is involved with?

5. Which 2 ER characters returned to the ER in the 8th season?

6. Who passed on at 6:04 am?

7. Who passed on at 2:56 am?

8. Which ER doc went to New York in search for her sister and young niece?

9. How many siblings does Gallant have?

10. How old did Carter say he was when he lost his virginaty?

11. Why was Dave fired?

12. Which ER doc is searching for their birth mother?

13. Who did desk clerk Cynthia Hooper date?

14. In what episode did Kerry Weaver first appear?

15. In what episode did Abby Lockhart first appear?

16. How did Mark propose to Elizabeth?

17. Which ER character attempted suicide in the series opener?

18. What was Sally Fields role on ER?

19. What was Alan Alda's role on ER?

20. What was James Comwell's Role on ER?



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                   ER Quotes

1."You fought the good fight Lucy" Carter to Lucy in *The Good Fight*
2."We had our moments" Peter to Elizabeth in *I'll Be Home For Christmas*
3."He's a horrid little turd isn't he" Elizabeth talking about Ramono in *Benton Backwards*
4."Grow up Malucci" Kerry yelling at Dave in *Mars Attacks*
5."I think I may have left my husband" Elizabeth talking about Mark in *Its All In Your Head*
6. "They tell you I'm some kind of junkie and you believe them!" Carter in*May Day*
7."Dr.Dave 14" "Death 0" Dave talking about the patients he treated.*Mars Attacks*
8."Time of death 2:56 am" "Elizabeth pronouncing Lucy's time of death*All In The Family*
9."And we all know what happens after the Jazz club" *Carter talking to Peter about his date with Cleo.*Be Patient*
10."Was he staring at my ass" Lucy talking about Carter.*The Storm pt 1*
11."I don't want to wake up alone tomorrow" Carol talking to Doug about his leaving.*The Storm pt 2*
12."I'm not going to jump you you homophobe" Ramono talking to Peter.*Homecoming*
13."This is me backing off" Dave talking to Peter. *Sins Of The Fathers*
14."Thank you" Lucy's lat words.*All In The Family*
15."I'll come and see you" A teary eyed Kerry making a promise to Dr. Lawrence.*Peace Of Wild Things*
16."Lizzy when you assume you make an ass of you and me" Ramono talking to Elizabeth.*Sins Of The Fathers*
17."Oh god another birthday just leave the decorations up permantly* Kerry refering to Carol's baby shower.*Peace Of Wild Things*
18."Ha you were a student!" Carter refering to Kerry being Dr. Lawrence's student. *Thruth And Consequances*
19."I'm glad its you" Carter talking to Peter right before his surgrey.*All In The Family*
20."I'm in love with the epidural man!" Carol *Great Expetations*
21."I don't believe I should cut someone open just because I can" Carter *Make A Wish*
22."Hello its April" Carol *Match Made In Heaven*
23. "If I want to see a good cat fight I'll watch the Veiw" Ramono refering to Kerry and Deb's bickering. *A River In Egypt*
24."Don't let your work become your life Kerry" Mark *Orion Of The Sky*
25."You set the tone Carter" Mark *Orion Of The Sky*
26."Be generous" Mark to Rachel *On The Beach*
27. "Its missing him that keeps him here" Carter to Susan *The Letter*

28."If you don't know what it's called, you sure as hell shouldn't be using it." Carter to Pratt *Lockdown*

29."Do you have any allergies I should know about" Carter to Susan right before they'refirst kiss *Quo Vadis*