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The songs heard on ER.
Here you'll find the songs you've heard on ER. You'll find the song title, ER episode it was on, singer and some will have wavs of the song you may listen to and if you want lyrics to any of the songs just email me with the names of the songs you would like and I will email them to you! To hear a song go down to the bottom of the page and click the song title of your choice.

Season 1
1.Preious:Carter witnesses a delivery (The ER piolt episode)
2.Twist &Shout:Isley Brothers:Carter, Carol, & Susan dance.(Full Moon Saturday Night)
3.Blackbird:The Beatles:Susan and Chloe sing it as Chloe is giving birth(Motherhood)
4.Tequlia:The Champs:Song played at Carol's would be reception.(Everything Old Is New Again)
Season 2
1.O Happy Day: played during Happy No Weaver Day.(And Baby Makes Two)
2.Take A Letter Maria:Carol and Shep dance after finding the fireplace hidden in the wall.(Home)
3.If You Want Me To Stay:Malik sung it as it played on the radio at admit.(John Carter M.D.)
Season 3
1.Duke Of Earl:Gene Chandler: played while the staff celebrated County staying  open(Let The Gamed Begin)
2.Wild Angels:Martha Mcbride:Jeanie line dances.(Last Call)
3.Love Potion #9:The Searchers;Haleh sings at a Halloween party.(Ghosts)
4. Loco-Motion:Little Eva:Playing while Carol and William study at Doc Magoos.(Fear Of Flying)
5.My Blue Heaven:Carter and Anspaugh sing Karaoke.(No Brain No Gain)
6.Conga:Played as the nurses celebrated theiur new contract.(Faith)
7.Hello Muddah Hello Fadduh:Carol &Doug sing to a young patient.(Make A Wish)
Season 4:
1.At Last:Mark&Cynthia get together.(Freak Show)
2.Do You Here What I Hear:plays at the end of the Christmas episode.(Do You See What I See)
3.Everybody Wants To Rule The World:Tears For Fears:Elizabeth&Peter's first date.(Sharp Relief)
4.Walkin On The Sun:Played as Carter walked in the snow to work.(Carter's Choices)
5.Crucify:Played as Carol, Liz, &Anna hung out at Liz's apartment(A Bloody Mess)
6.That's Amore:played at the ER banquet.(Gut Reaction)
7.Time Of Your Life:GreenDay: Scott is listening to it in the hospital.(Gut Recaction,Shades Of Gray)
8.Simple Gifts:Jeanie sung it at Scott's funeral.(Shades Of Gray)
9.Nightlife:Artetha Franklin: Peter and Elizabeth got together.(Shades Of Gray)
Season 5
1.Drangula:Rob Zombie:played at the med student halloween party.(Masqurade) 
2.Theme from Shaft:Isaac Hayes:played as Peter&Elizabeth went on a hay ride.(Masqurade)
3.Ring Of Fire:Grace Jones:Kerry sings along with this song in her kitchen.(Hazed And Confused)
4.Under The Boradwalk:The Drifters:Played at Doc Magoos as Lucy and Carter search for Nelson.(The Good Fight)
Season 6
1.Wondering Where The Lions Are:Played as a very pregnant Carol headed to wok.(Great Expectations)
2.Happy Xmas:The Beatles:played at the end of the Christmas episode(How The Finch Stole Christmas)
3.Battle Flag:Played as Carter was stabbed(Be Still My Heart)
4.Letting The Cable Sleep:Bush:Carter and Carol have trouble sleeping(Such Sweet Sorrow)
5.Taking You Home:Don Henley:Carol reunites with Doug.(Such Sweet Sorrow)
Season 7
1.Sand And Water:Preemie was baptised and an old woman was put on a risporsator.(Sand And Water)
2.Indra:played as Carter returned to work.(Mars Attacks)
3.Rescue Me:Aretha Franklin:Kerry sings in the shower.(Rescue Me)
4.Butterfly:Crazytown:Played as father and son get into a car crash.(Piece Of Mind)
5.Silver Lining:Amanda Ghost:An upset Kerry goes to see Kim.(Surrender)
6.Happy Together:The Turtles:Mark feeds a very pregnant Elizabeth Cherry Garcia ice cream. Survival Of The Fittist)
7.Come Sail Away:Styx:Mark sings as he paints a mobile for the baby(Sailing Away)
8.Trouble:plays in the car as Carter and Abbu drive to Oklahoma.(Sailing Away)
9.Oh Very Young:played on Carter and Abby's road trip too.(Sailing Away)
10:Baby Mine:Dumbo Soundtrack:Linda sings to Jing Mei's baby.
Season 8
1.Blood,Sugar,Sex,Magic:Carter listend to it on his head phones.(Blood,Sugar,Sex,Magic)
2.Short Skirt Long Jacket:Cake:played as Abby got her things from Luka's apartment.(  Blood,Sugar,Sex,Magic)
3.L.V.D.B:Rachel listened to it on her head phones.(Blood,Sugar,Sex,Magic)
4.Everybody Got Their Something:Nikka Costa:played at the lesbian bar Kerry went to.(Never Say Never)
5.I Think Its Going To Rain Today:Ron Newman:played as Kerry was leaving the hospital(Partly Cloudy With A Chance Of Rain)
6.Battle Flag:Carter sees Paul Sorbriki(Beyond Repair)
7.Get The Party Started:Pink:Rachel is listening to it in her room while caring for Ella.(Damage Is Done)
8.Easy Tonight:Luka beats up Brain.(A Simple Twist Of Fate)
9.Hero:Enriuqe Iglisus:played during the promos for *Quo Vadia*
10. Iris:Goo Goo Dolls:played during promos for *Bygones*
11.Over The Rainbow:       :played as Mark passed on. *On The Beach*
12.Imagine:The Beatles.played whiled Mark and Rachel drove in Hawaii *On The Beach*


Duke Of Earl


Under The Boardwalk



Sand and Water

Happy Together

Sail Away